Steel Switches - Nexus Brushed Stainless Steel Switches available now!

Get the perfect Steel Switches today from The Electrical Counter

Multiple Gang Sizes to Suit You
Multiple Gang Sizes to Suit You 
  • Single Steel Switches
  • Twin Steel Switches
  • Triple Steel Switches
  • And more!

Your Guide to Steel Switches


A huge range of Steel Switches are available from The Electrical Counter


Finding the right Steel Switch can always cause some confusion, we stock a wide range of Steel Switches here at The Electrical Counter to allow you to find the perfect Steel Switch whatever the situation.


Stainless Steel Switches available within the BG Nexus Metal range are often seen as timeless and will never fall out of style - this means that these Steel Switches are currently the most popular item we offer at The Electrical Counter all of which can be viewed within our Nexus Metal Brushed Steel Switches range.



Get the perfect choice of Steel Switch for your property


Here at The Electrical Counter, we offer all of the BG Nexus Brushed Stainless Steel range to ensure you can find the right Steel Switch for your property, this includes a range of:

     •  Steel Light Switches

     •  Steel Dimmer Switches

     •  Steel Fan Isolator Switches

     •  Steel Fused Switches


The range of high quality Steel Switches are lightly lacquered to prevent finger marks, and are given a 25 year guarantee on all products to ensure you that it's a top quality product.



Nexus Grid Steel Switches available from The Electrical Counter


Within the BG Nexus Steel Switches range we also provide a choice of Nexus Grid Switches, all of which can be made up in to your perfect switch for your property - should you need separate printed switches, with different specifications.


Modules and Front Plates are both available within this range in the desirable Brushed Steel Finish all produced at an extremely high quality perfect for your electrical system.

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