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Multiple Gang Sizes to Suit All
Multiple Gang Sizes to Suit All 
  • Single Steel Sockets
  • Twin Steel Sockets
  • And more!
Customize your own Steel Sockets
Customize your own Steel Sockets 

Your Guide to Steel Sockets


Available online: a wide range of Steel Sockets from The Electrical Counter


It's important to find the right Steel Socket for within your home, however finding the right one can always cause some confusion. Luckily, at The Electrical Counter we stock a large variety of Steel Sockets to aid you in creating the perfect solution.


Brushed Stainless Steel Sockets within the BG Nexus range are available today directly from The Electrical Counter - some of which can be shipped for next day delivery, direct to your door! This range offers you a smart and timeless finish that will ensure they keep the modern feel throughout their lifetime. You can view all of these items within the Nexus Metal Brushed Steel Sockets range.



Keep your wiring solution up-to-date


Here at The Electrical Counter, we recognise that sockets need to be versatile to meet this current age of technology. Within the BG Nexus Brushed Stainless Steel range, there are a variety of Steel Sockets to meet this demand, including: Steel Round Pin Sockets, Steel Co-Axial Sockets, Steel Switch with Neon Sockets and Steel Sockets with USB Ports, and plenty more!



Quality Steel Sockets that are built to last!


When buying Steel Sockets from The Electrical Counter, it is important you have the highest quality products on the market. The range of Steel Sockets from the BG Nexus range are lightly lacquered to prevent any finger marks and maintain that shine. As well, a 25 year guarantee is available on all of the products in the range.



Create your own combination with Euro-Module Sockets


Within the BG Nexus Steel Sockets range, we can also provide a choice of Nexus Euro-Module Sockets - all of these can be made up in to the perfect steel socket for your property, should you need to build your own socket.


Both Modules and Front Plates are available within this range in the desirable Brushed Steel finish, all produced to the usual extremely high quality perfect for your electrical system.

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