Fantasia fans have three main ranges to suit all tastes and budgets, which now consists of over 20 models which are available in 18 finishes and 7 sizes. You can find an extensive range of accessories to complement your Fantasia ceiling fans including remotes, wall controls, wall kits and lighting kits.


With the Fantasia ceiling fan ranges you will find the the majority of them are light adaptable, but some models also come with integral lights, this gives the options to suit a wide variety of individuals with different tastes.


The Perfect Ceiling Fan For Summer And Winter:

If your looking for a quiet ceiling fan that will last you a life time as well as being maintenance free, the Fantasia models are just what you need with there motors being manufactured of silicone with double sealed bearings you are sure to find these all that you want! Along with the knowledge that your buying a ceiling fan that is long lasting, maintenance free and will not disturb you because its been design to be extra quite, you can also change the operation of the Fantasia ceiling fans. For example, in the summer you would use your ceiling fan like anyone else to keep you cool, but come the winter you can also reverse the Fantasia models so to recirculate trapped warm air in the ceiling.


Fantasia Technical Details:

Made of metal or wood construction, the motor housing for fans should be fully protected to help prevent tarnishing, to do this all the metal surfaces on the Fantasia motor housings are fully powder coated and/or plated and lacquered which also give a permanent seal to them. Due to all the Fantasia ceiling fans being operated on 230v / 50 cycle electricity supplies, the running costs of these are even less expensive then it would normally be to run a 100w light bulb for the same period of time. For example, if you ran your fan for 30min it would cost less then it would to have a 100w light bulb on for the same 30min, this is also due to the fact that Fantasia fans run their motors from 60w to 75w, which still gives the option of 6 speeds; 3 forward and 3 reverse.


Installing A Fantasia Ceiling Fan:

Some ceiling fans can be a bit of a challenge for non DIY'er people to install, but you needn't have that worry with the Fantasia ceiling fan models because installing a Fantasia fan is almost as simple as installing a standard light fitting! All you need to do is make sure that you have installed the fan with the blade tips at least 7" /18cm from anything that could obstruct it such as a roof beam, sky light or sloping roof etc.


Because Fantasia fans believe that you should have the option to install your ceiling fans in any room you see fit, they have made it easier for this to be done with conversion kits and drop rods which may be needed if you would like to install your Fantasia ceiling fan in a conservatory or any other room with a higher ceiling then normal (ask our staff if you require more details). Please note its not advisable to install any ceiling fan in a bathroom for safety reasons.



Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the perfect economical alternative to air conditioners. As well as adding an interesting focal point, they are perfect for cooling in summer and recirculating warm air in the winter. 


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