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To take a full 100% advantage of the energy which thermal radiators can consume, the Elnur thermal heaters use electricity rather the any liquid or gas fuels as many old types of thermal radiators use to use. The many reason for this is so they can offer more heat whilst using less energy (electricity), but this is also a much cleaner way to work as it passes no emission or combustion into the atmosphere, not to mention its a much safer way to run.


The Elnur models of thermal heaters offer the perfect individual central heating option with a fully programmable on/off timer and a temperature gage for each room, which can be set with the extra functional timer which offers the options to program it day by day, hour by hour as well as the day, night and frost protection mode, which makes these full programmable to your personal preference for each room in your home.


Along with all these easy to use functions and being Eco friendly, the Elnur thermal heating models also bring style to your home with their stylish aesthetic looks and highest quality finish, this means these radiators will blend right in to your home or office no matter the decor. Along with the extra style these thermal radiators can bring to your rooms, they are also easy to maintain and clean because they follow a simple design and have no boiler or pipes, loss of water is a thing of the past due to having no faulty welds to cause leaks, and cannot accumulate lime so your not prone to breakdowns like boilers.

Thermal Radiators

ELNUR Thermal radiators use electricity as the most safe, clean, ecological and economic option in the market, taking advantage of 100% of the consumed energy.


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