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The Elnur storage heater models have been designed to be highly cost effective by storing heat at the cheapest tariff which is usually at night - to do this they are timed to consume electricity on these cheaper tariffs and turn off before the higher electricity tariffs start in the day - which will not only help keep your electricity bill down, but also keep your home comfortably heated for 24 hours a day at an even lower cost then other solutions.


This constant gradual release of heat is produced by the electrical heaters heating a ceramic block made up of high density magnetite bricks which allows the heat to evenly release throughout the room all day. Meaning the storage heater does not need to turn on to replenish its stored heat until the following evening when it switches back on. The ceramic blocks which are used have been specifically chosen for this task because they have the capacity to absorb and store heat for a good length of time.


Because we need to heat our homes - and even different rooms - at different temperatures depending on the time of year and size of a room, Elnur have manufactured their storage heaters with controls that allow you to vary the temperatures as well as the amount of heat they store and release upon your personal preferences. Along with this you will also find that these storage heaters have an option for you to control how quickly the stored heat is released.


Elnur have also included a number of cool safety features including and security device that will prevent your storage heater from overheating if its grilles have been covered by cloths or other objects (we recommend not placing clothes directly over any storage heater due to the risk of fire, this warning will also be made known in any storage heaters pack).


Elnur Storage Heaters

Elnur Storage heaters are the ideal heating solution for many homes and are particularly cost effective. These storage heaters are modern, safe & stylish.


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