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Lux Lighting Levels

Lux Lighting Levels

Lux Levels

Our lux level charts detail the light levels that are required for lighting a range of spaces depending on their use and size. This will help you to choose the perfect indoor lighting and lamps for your home or business.

It is important that you get the right lighting levels in a room, as it can cause a number of detrimental effects on a person's mental and physical health. Side effects can include eye strain, headaches, tiredness and fatigue, neck, back and shoulder strain and even depression.

What is lux?

Lux is a measurement of light intensity, commonly referred to as "illumination". It measures the amount of light present on a particular surface as measured by the human eye. In essence, lux is the light intensity within a specific area.

The purpose of lux is to provide the number of lumens needed to sufficiently light a given space. For example, a sufficiently lit office requires around 500 lux.


Lux Charts

Domestic Areas Lux Level
 Hallway & Landing 500
Stairs 100
Dining Room 200
Kitchen 300
Living Room 300-500
Laundry or Utility Room 200
Bathroom 300
Bedroom (Adults) 300
Bedroom (Children) 500
Study Room or Home Office 500-800
Workshop, Shed or Garage 800-1100
Common Commercial Areas Lux Level
Waiting Room or Entrance Hall 200
Reception 500
Corridors, Passageways & Stairs 100
Atria 50-200
Changing Rooms & Cloakrooms 100
Toilets 150
Canteens, Cafeterias & Dining Rooms 200
Offices Lux Level
Open Plan Offices 500
Computer Workstations 300-500
Conference Rooms & Meeting Rooms 300-500
Banks & Building Societies Lux Level
Working Areas - Counter & Office Areas 500
Public Areas 300
Retail & High Street Lux Level
Fashion 500-750
Supermarket 750
Restaurant 200
Bookshops, Pharmacies & Jewellers 500
Electrical & Furniture Shops 750
Showrooms 500-750
Shopping Centres, Arcades & Malls 50-300
Places of Public Assembly Lux Level
Cinema & Theatre Foyer Areas 200
Booking Office 300
Auditorium 100-150
Libraries 150-300
Museums & Art Galleries 50-300
Universities or College Lecture Theatres 300
Churches 100-300
Hotels Lux Level
Entrance Hall 100
Reception Desk Area 300
Bar, Restaurant & Meeting Areas 50-200
Bedrooms 50-100
Kitchens 150-300

What is a lumen?

This is a common way to identify the strength of LED bulbs, so it's important you understand what it means. A typical LED bulb will have the lumen level indicated on the packaging.

The official measure of illuminance is in Lumen. Lumen is another way to measure the output of light i.e. the brightness. It measures the emitted light per second from a source but doesn’t consider the light’s direction. Put simply, the higher the lumen, the higher the brightness/output of the light.

One Lumen per square metre equals one lux, so it is easy to convert the two. Unlike Lux, Lumen doesn’t consider the direction of the light or the space the lighting is filling. Therefore, it shouldn’t be considered in isolation. Both Lux and Lumen should be considered when selecting lighting.

Watts vs Lumens & Lux

Watts measures a light source’s power output rather than the level of brightness. New, energy-efficient technology now means that using watts isn’t an accurate indication of a bulb’s power. As technology continues to improve, more lumen will require fewer watts, improving energy efficiency. Do not use watts as an indication of a bulb’s brightness, as it simply doesn’t give an accurate representation.

The importance of good lighting cannot be overestimated. It is important you understand what the numbers on the packaging mean, plus which lighting level is suitable for the intended room. A larger number doesn't necessarily mean better, especially when considering watts.

The Electrical Counter are expert indoor lighting providers. Whether it’s BG Luceco domestic lighting you require, Integral indoor LEDs, Ansell lighting or Aurora downlights, we have a multitude of expert, high quality brands available for you to purchase. Get in touch to find out more.

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