Free your sockets and charge all your devices


 with BG's beautiful new range of USB wiring devices are available in a huge selection of finishes across their existing best-selling ranges so there's a product to complement any existing style of interior decor.


This great range comes with Smart USB Connectivity which provides the following benefits:

- Standby mode is automatically activated when the device is charged

- Devices are protected in the event of an overload

- USB devices are auto-detected & the charging pattern is adjusted to suit


These great products have been designed to charge all your devices including iPods, iPhones, mobile phones, tablets, cameras and more.


This range has also been designed to be easy to install and can be quickly and easily fitted into your existing wall boxes.




Check out BG's great video all about these excellent products!




USBeautiful USB Sockets

BG's USBeautiful USB Sockets are available in a huge selection of finishes and a choice of three best-selling ranges: Nexus Metal, Flat Plate and Moulded Plastic.


All of these great products are designed to charge any USB device including iPods, iPhones, mobile phones, tablets, cameras and more. These products come with Smart USB connectivity that automatically activates standby mode when the device is charged and protects devices in the event of an overload.

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