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Security alarms are really great for protecting your home and your family.


It is a device that allows people to leave their homes unattended without having to worry.  It also makes people feel that their homes are their strongholds and that is very important.


Security alarms have sensors or bells that are not installed in every part of the house, usually at entry points like doors and windows.  Most alarm systems, if not all, have magnetic circuits that keep the voltage flowing through the circuit while the entry points are shut.


If these entry points are open, the flow of voltage through the circuit is gone. This causes the alarms to go off and the system to notify the monitoring agency of the unauthorised entry.


These wires have sensors that connect them to the central monitoring system or a metal box.  Inside the metal box you can find batteries that are used in case there is no power or in case the power was cut by a burglar.


Security alarm systems also have keypads that allow you to activate and deactivate the alarm.


Some security systems require the input of a password whenever entry to the property is needed.  These systems usually allow the entrants a certain amount of time to input the password before the alarms is sounded and notification is given to the monitoring company of the entry breach.


If the alarm has been tripped in error, entering the password and turning off the system should end this process.


There are also security systems which have the ability to know which entry point has been breached and provides the information to the police. Some have auto diallers that can notify not only the police and monitoring agencies, but also notifies the homeowner and other programmed sets of numbers.


Security Systems

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