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Security lighting has become mandatory for many commercial applications.


At the Electrical Counter we supply Lynteck Everspring and BG Electrical security lighting and PIR systems.   


Floodlighting and PIR based lighting is often the preference as they are electricity friendly as they only come on when motion is detected within their specific ranges.


PIR – passive infrared sensors are electronic devices that measure infrared (IR) light being emitted from objects within its range of view.
PIR sensors are often used in the construction of PIR based motion detectors. Apparent motion is detected when one temperature, for example, a human passes in front of an infrared source with another temperature, for example, a wall.
In a PIR based motion detector, the PIR sensor is usually mounted on a printed circuit board which has the necessary electronics to interpret the signals from the pyroelectric sensor chip.
The complete assembly is maintained within an ABS housing which is mounted where the sensor can view the areas it needs to monitor.
Security lighting is often used as a preventative and corrective measure against intrusion or criminal activity in general.  Security lighting may be provided to aid in the detection of intruders or to simply increase the feeling of safety.
Security lighting can be used in a range of applications and settings.  Examples of security lighting include, floodlights and low pressure sodium vapour lights.  Lights intended to be left on all night are usually high intensity discharge lamps as these have good energy efficiency, thus reducing the cost of running such a lamp over long periods of time.
PIR activated lamps will usually be incandescent bulbs so that they can activate instantly, energy saving is less important with these systems as they will not be on all the time.
Some PIR units can be set up to sound a chime as well as to turn on the light. Most modern units have a photocell so that they only turn on when it is dark.

Security Lighting & PIRs

The Electrical Counter offer many security lighting solutions from trusted brands like ESP, Lynteck, BG and Timeguard. External area protection is important for securing gardens, driveways, yards and forecourts of both commercial and domestic properties.


Help protect your property with a range of products available under trade pricing, making Electrical Counter a top online outlet for your security lighting needs. Spend £90 or more and receive free delivery on your order from Electrical Counter!

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