Downlights can be incandescent, fluorescent, HID or LED.


Indoor lighting is usually accomplished using light fixtures and is a key part of interior design. 


Lighting can also be an intrinsic component of landscape projects.


Forms of lighting include alcove lighting, which like most other uplighting is indirect.  This is often done with fluorescent lighting or rope lights or occasionally with neon lighting.  It is a form of backlighting.


Soft fit or close to wall lighting can be general or a decorative wall wash, sometimes used to bring out texture (like stucco or plaster) on a wall, through this may also show its defects as well.  The effect depends heavily on the exact type of lighting source used.


Recessed lighting (often called “pot lights or “high hats”) is popular, with fixtures mounted in to the ceiling structure so as to appear flush with it.  These downlights can use narrow beam spotlights, or wider angle floodlights, both of which are bulbs having their own reflectors.


There are also down lights with internal reflectors designed to accept common ‘A’ lamps (light bulbs) which are generally less costly than reflectors lamps.  


Track lighting was popular at one point because it was much easier to install than recessed lighting and individual fixtures are decorative and can be easily aimed at a wall.  It has regained some popularity recently in low voltage tracks, which often look nothing like their predecessors because they do not have the safety issues that line voltage systems have and are therefore less bulky and more ornamental in themselves.


A master transformer feeds all of the fixtures on the track or rod with 12 or 24 volts instead of each light fixture having its own line to low voltage transformer.  There are traditional spots and floods, as well as other small hanging fixtures.  A modified version of this cable lighting, where lights are hung from or clipped to bare metal cables under tension.


The portable or table lamp is probably the most common fixture, found in many homes and offices.  The standard lamp and shade that sits on a table is general lighting, while the desk lamp is considered task lighting.  Magnifier lamps are also task lighting.

Downlights - Fire Rated


Be extra safe against spreading fires with a choice of fire rated downlights from the Electrical Counter without compromising on style.


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