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Below we have written up some installation guides to help you understand how to install underfloor heating systems beneath different types of flooring such as wooden or vinyl floors and carpet. We will get to these after a short description of the BEAB System Approval which all our heating products under go to confirm that they have been rigorously tested by the British Testing House. This confirmation shows that all the heating mats, wires, thermostats and all instructions they are supplied with have all meet the most up-to-date and relevant national & international safety standards.


All the underfloor heating systems we supply including our 160w & 200w heat mats, under-tile cabling (Pro Heat and 3mm) and thermostats are fully tested and covered by the BEAB System Approval mark. The BEAB System Approval is a premium level certification for underfloor heating systems which can be achieved for installation into the UK according to the UK electrical markets high standards. BEAB carries out a number of unique tests to cover standards especially relevant for the UK which means other house approval tests shouldn't be compared directly with the BEAB approvals when considering an underfloor heating system in the UK.


Before we move on to our installation guides its important to point out that you much take care to ensure you pick the correct output system to install and heating can easily be limited so that temperatures can be turned down and adjusted as required in an easy manner. This goes to say for any type of flooring you may be installing your underfloor heating system beneath.


Our guides are currently being re-written to better serve you, please check back soon for updates.

Underfloor Heating

Heat Mats award-winning range of heating mats are simple and trouble-free to install, and are particularly suited to large areas where they are quicker to install than loose cable systems.


The range of Stiebel Eltron underfloor heating here at The Electrical Counter is available in multiple sizes and with a variety of controllers available to finish the job.

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