A ceiling fan is a fan suspended from the ceiling of any given room, usually consists of a rotating hub-mounted panel and will usually be powered by electricity to help circulate air around a room in order to help keep it cooler.


How A Ceiling Fan Works:

Unlike an air conditioning unit fans don't actually cool down air, they simply circulate it to help keep you and the area your in cooler, due to this they use a lot less power and electricity. The way that ceiling fans work is very similar to that of a desk top fan but they rotate much slower whilst still effectively keeping you cool by slowly moving the still hot air around in a room which induces evaporative cooling.


The History Of Ceiling Fans:

First appearing in the US back in the early 1860's - 1870's ceiling fans where not run nor powered quite that way they are today, in fact ceiling fans where powered by a simple stream of running water, a turbine and a belt system rather then any kind of electrical motors like we are use to today. This turbine and water system which would turn the fans blades by a system of belts which where all connected.


How Can I Use My Ceiling Fan In The Summer And Winter?

Because ceiling fans do not work in the same way as air conditioning units - in that they do not directly cool the air, they move it to cause evaporative cooling as described above - it means a lot of ceiling fans come with the functionality to also be used in reverse which is a great feature to have for both the summer and the winter because in the summer you can use your Fantasia ceiling fans to help keep you cool and in the winter it can help to heat the room by pulling down any trapped hot air.


In the summer months - or when its warn such as when your cooking dinner in the kitchen - your ceiling fan should be set to blow the air downwards, this would usually mean it needs to rotate counter clockwise from beneath it, meaning that your fans blades will be leading with the upturned edge as they spin. This will create a cool breeze which helps to make you and the room feel cooler due to speed up the evaporation of perspiration on you skin - this is the human body's natural mechanism for cooling its self more efficiently.


During the summer months or on hot days its recommended to turn off your ceiling fan when your not in the room to help save the wast of electricity, this is simply because ceiling fans - and all fans in general - work directly on the body rather then changing the rooms air temperature, so by turning of the fan whilst no one is in the room you will save money rather then wasting it by simply moving warm air around nothing.


In winter months or on cold nights you should change your ceiling fan to spin in the opposite direction at a low speed (speed up if required, but recommended to start on a low speed) to help pull down the naturally warmer air from the ceiling - because as we all know hot air rises and cool air sinks meaning you have wasted warm air above you read to pull down and heat your room - Not only is this a great way to use the naturally warm air above to help heat up the cooler air at body hight, but it could also save you on heating bills because...


Now that you are using the wasted warm air from above you to help level out the rest of the rooms temperature by moving that warm ceiling air down to your level of the room you should be able to turn the temperature of your central heating down at least a few degrees which will lower your energy usage and maintain a steady, comfortable temperature with the assistance of a ceiling fan rather then a higher setting on your heating to help save money.



Ceiling Fans

Ceiling fans are the perfect economical alternative to air conditioners. As well as adding an interesting focal point, they are perfect for cooling in summer and recirculating warm air in the winter. 


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